Space Wallpaper

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Navigate the Stars with Our Space Wallpaper Murals

Construct your very own three-dimensional realm with one of our galaxy and space wallpaper. Each of us has a fascination for outer space. Whether that is the beauty and amazement of all the galaxies and stars we see in the evenings, perhaps you have seen the international space station flying over, or those late nights mapping the stars of the constellations. With their large distribution of galaxies and stars, you can easily be swept away into deep space.

Map your walls or ceiling with a constellation design, just like our "Star Map, White" wall mural. This wallpaper beautifully illustrates the brightest stars in the sky, showing the various mythological creatures, animals, and objects. Navigate the night sky with the 12 constellations of the zodiac and keep track of the stars in your room. For an intense backdrop, this pattern is also available in blue.