Press Release Oddity – Traditional wallpapers as you’ve never seen them before


Oddity is about daring to be different and personal. The collection is eccentric in a modern and maverick way. Oddity consists of 16 wallpaper designs that represent scenes from around the world. Such as Cornwall – a lush wallpaper pattern with beautiful details, Furada – a tropical wallpaper pattern with toucans, and Toledo – a hand-painted design with plenty of details. Rebel Walls' design team has gathered inspiration from around the world, and this collection is about traveling within and embracing the world's hidden gems inside your own home.

We are all in this together

"The theme for this collection is inspired from a global vision. Despite all our differences, we are all in this together. The inspiration for this collection derives from all the places that we can’t travel to right now. We think that each place has an interesting story to tell beyond the obvious tourist attractions. We want to encourage you to look away from the recognizable to enjoy discovering places and spaces that are odd and peculiar. And for now, while not traveling, maybe this collection can help you find a new odd and interesting angle of your own home", says Linda Pålemo, Design Manager.

The first traditional wallpaper range departing from the murals the brand is known for

"This is our first range of traditional wallpaper, but as rebels, we do it in a new way. By using a cutting-edge printing technique our design studio can use an unlimited number of colors within the same design. This technique also allows for an increased flexibility on repeating patterns. This new process creates an eccentric collection for the bold and brave rebels at home." – Irene Gimmersta, Creative Director.

Traditional wallpapers as you’ve never seen them before

This is the brand’s first-ever collection of wallpaper on rolls, rather than bespoke murals. The brand wants to give you as much choice as possible, with bold colors and quirky patterns you won’t find anywhere else – to make your home as unique as you are. Rebel Walls strives to make it even easier to wallpaper. Traditional wallpaper rolls fit all walls without having to be customized with fixed dimensions. But just because Rebel Walls has launched a traditional wallpaper range, with rolls rather than customized murals, doesn’t mean they have gone boring. Rebel Walls continue to be daring and challenge the wallpaper industry. With this collection, you can claim your walls in your unique – or even odd – style and let your inner rebel shine through.

Wallpaper collection Oddity will be released April 29, 2021.

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