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Peel & Stick

Peel & Stick is our self-adhesive and removable wallpaper with the same premium look and touch as our regular non-woven wallpaper. No previous wallpapering experience is required, allowing you to transform your room in a heartbeat!

Claim Your Space in A Heartbeat!

Find your favorite pattern and choose which wallpaper type you prefer when customizing the wallpaper. You can order samples to view the designs on non-woven material.

So, don't hesitate! We know you can do it.

Claim your space in a heartbeat!

Peel & Stick is recommended for

Peel & Stick wallpaper is preferable for smaller areas, such as a feature wall. It is usually easier to use regular non-woven wallpaper if you want to wallpaper a large room or several walls.

Peel & Stick is not suitable in rooms with significant temperature changes and varying humidity, such as bathrooms. Using Peel & Stick wallpaper on the ceiling is not recommended.