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Press Release Play – Collection Book #14


“The creative adult is the child who survived”. Do you find the quote of Julian F. Fleron inspiring or provoking? If you recognize yourself in the quote, our guess is that you are young at heart and still got good contact with both your creativity and fantasy.

Play is a wallpaper collection that celebrates all of this. Play is an overall colorful acquaintance and the wallpapers in the collection occupy the room, both carefree and playful, exactly as kids play tends to be. The motifs are often imaginative, with a clear theme; special interests such as space, wild cats, theatre and graffiti, have, for example, been given some extra attention in this collection.

“In both nurseries and kids’ rooms, we often see how daring people can be, to play with our wall murals and decorate thematically. Many of our previous collections have not been intended for kids’ rooms, but still, end up there. We are, of course, happy that they do! The images we are tagged in on social media, show fun and fearless ways to think about home decor. We hope that this way of thinking about, and working with, our wallpapers can spread to other rooms as well. Think concept, backdrop, and theme.” – Linda Pålemo, designer at Rebel Walls.

The wallpapers in the collection book "Play" are inspired by six categories where children tend to and sometime during their childhood find special interests; Jungle, Urban, Scenery, Floral, Rainbow and Galaxy.

“Galaxy” gently picks up the interest of all kids who answer the most common question “What do you want to be when you grow up?” with “An astronaut!”. The surface of the moon, intricate vintage drawings of our solar system, and the joyful little robots greet us here. “Urban” is for those who find most of their inspiration in the city. Concrete walls, graffiti and street art are to be seen here. “Scenery” directs its attention to those with a dramatic touch. The wall mural “Coulisse”, for example, imitates the old fashioned way to create a sense of depth on stage, using several beautifully painted wooden boards. Look carefully on the wall mural and you can see the shadows between different layers.

“We hope the wallpapers from Play, either reflect or awaken the fantasy in both young and adults alike. We have had a joyful design process making the collection. Being around this much color and creativity will influence people.” – Linda Pålemo, Rebel Walls.

The wallpaper collection Play is available from January 14, 2020.

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