Concrete Wallpaper

Concrete and stone wallpapers for any wall

Wallpapers are not just for the one wall, the feature wall has now become feature walls and it's easy to do. Simply measure the widths of each wall and add these all together (don’t forget to include all doors and windows). For your height measure the highest height. If you have any questions or need further help contact our Rebel Walls support team and they will be happy to guide you.

Stunning and Rough Concrete and Stone Wallpapers for An Industrial Ambiance

Do you like the industrial and robust style in your home? Start with recreating the rough surfaces with our concrete and stone wallpapers, rich with nuance and character. When you think of a cozy home, you might not think of a construction site or a run-down warehouse in the first place. But open your eyes and be enhanced by the irregular surfaces with a touch of concrete and stone – recreate the warehouse look on your wall!

With our high-quality murals, you will get a deep structure that looks to be a real live cement and stone wall. Rebel Walls realistic effect designs of stone and concrete wallpapers will perfectly match any interior style and space, a contemporary house, office interior, or even a business venue. Whether you are looking for a terrazzo wallpaper that combines smooth material elements and beautiful colors, or a marble wallpaper that will add a simple yet flawless backdrop to any wall. Perfect as an accent wall, for all four walls or why not the ceiling.