Press Release Zandra Rhodes – Meet a Rebel


Rebel Walls presents another design collaboration within the concept “Meet a Rebel.” Together with icon and designer Zandra Rhodes, Rebel Walls launch a vibrant and energetic collection with 20 bespoke wall murals including four new designs in various colors.

Rebel Walls’ concept “Meet a Rebel” is about highlighting people who are true to themselves. People who dare to stand out from a crowd, be different, think different, and challenge the little things in life.

With over 50 years in the industry, fashion and textile designer Zandra Rhodes has made a name for herself. With her creative and bold yet gracious style, Zandra has dressed celebrities like Princess Diana and Freddie Mercury. Now, her iconic patterns will become wallpaper.

“I adore the idea of my prints becoming wall murals. Making a fabulous statement! A rebellious, dramatic, and unexpected statement.” – Zandra Rhodes, Designer

"Zandra made her colorful entrance into the fashion industry in 1967, and with her playful and vibrant prints, she changed the scene for good. Being true to herself and standing by her designs from the beginning, Zandra Rhodes is a true rebel. This collection is a homage to her and all the rebels who claim their space every day” – Irene Gimmersta, Creative Director, Rebel Walls

The collection launches September 16th and will be available worldwide via

Styling & Photo: Charlotte Gawell, Patrik Engström

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