3D Wallpaper

Create the Illusion of Space with 3D Wallpaper for Walls

When we think of 3D, we often think of the movies when objects seem to appear closer to us and with a 3D wallpaper we can instead create the illusion of depth and size in your home, no matter the shape of your room. Our 3D wallpapers are especially favored for those with smaller rooms, such as kids' rooms. Browse our range of 3D wall murals and create the illusion of a larger room by adding depth to your walls.

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Mind-blowing 3D Wallpapers for a Phenomenal Home

When choosing a wallpaper pattern for your room, there are many factors to think about, this can include color scheme, theme, and style, but also if the wallpaper will give you the effect needed for that specific room. Maybe you are looking for a wallpaper that not only gives you the color scheme you are looking for, but also a wallpaper that will add depth as well as the illusion of a larger space.

Our magnificent wallpaper collections “Second Moment” and “Curious” feature exceptional 3D wall art that offers amazing optical illusions perfect for any interior style. Our popular 3D wallpaper “Perspective Manoir” has been designed for those that perhaps have no windows in their rooms and with this wallpaper, you will not only give the illusion of a larger interior space but also the illusion of light with its window design. Take a look at Rebel Walls’ 3D wallpapers above and find the inspiration needed for your 3D room.