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About Us

Rebel Walls thinks outside the box – from the first stroke of creation to social responsibility. We give you the tools to change your surroundings on your own terms.

Our Vision

Being a rebel is not an end in itself but rather a must. When you wish for something that does not yet exist, you have to create it yourself. We love wallpaper production and believe that design is experienced all the way to the wall. That is why we have chosen to control the whole process from design to production and delivery of your unique wall mural.

Our Story

Rebel Walls was founded in 2012 by Christofer and Irene Gimmersta. But, this wallpaper love story started already back in 1924. It was the year Christofer’s grandpa got hired as an errand boy at a wallpaper store in Borås. He later worked his way up to the top and bought the business together with his son-in-law.

The new generation, Christofer, and Irene, met in high school in 1995. After they had graduated college, they worked in a traditional wallpaper factory in Nässjö. The smell of the freshly printed wallpapers caused them to fall unconditionally in love with the whole concept. They soon learned and got interested in new wallpaper techniques. Digital printing was still an innovation when the couple chose to try it out. And as you may have guessed, they fell in love with it too. Rebel Walls is their second wallpaper company that adopts this particular printing technique and has its focus online.

Our Design Studio

In our design studio, the wallpaper magic starts with a good idea along with the first brush stroke. We see our studio as a greenhouse where we let both our and your wallpaper ideas grow and come alive. We can also customize the design according to your requirements and create a truly unique wall mural. Do you have a design or idea you would like to make into a wallpaper? We'll gladly scan and edit your images on request.

Our Production

Our production involves modern wallpaper machines that apply to digital printing technology. Our technique differs from traditional wallpaper printing in several ways. Most important, our wall murals are not limited to a particular number of colors or patterns. Also, we print on demand – which means that we make the wall mural especially for you after you have placed an order.

We have an integrated production flow since our computer systems are specially designed for wallpaper production. They manage the entire flow from online order to delivery. Therefore, we can proudly assure you fast delivery times and high product quality.