Our Dna

Who We Are

We are a one-of-a-kind wallpaper company always striving to achieve extraordinary spaces through premium bespoke wallpaper designs. We make the world more colorful, beautiful, and diverse by claiming one space at a time.

Be a Rebel. Claim Your Space.

Our Manifesto

Where It All Began

We are Swedish, but we see the world as our home. We love wallpapers, design, and innovating the industry, but we love the stories of rebels claiming their homes and walls even more.

Our rebellious mission started in 2012. We are not rebels in that skydiving, mountain climbing way. Our passion lies in making things happen. We are rebels by claiming our space as entrepreneurs. We want to encourage people to be and express their true selves.

We want to contribute to a better world where diversity thrives in every way. Join our cause, Claim Your Space. Make the world more colorful and diverse.

 //Christofer & Irene Founders of Rebel Walls

"Our motto is encouraging people to be rebels by claiming their space, making the world even more colorful, beautiful, and diverse."

Our Cause

Outstanding Designs

In our design studio, the wallpaper magic starts with a good idea and the first brushstroke from our wallpaper wizards.

We see our studio as a greenhouse where we let both our and your wallpaper ideas grow and come alive. Only our imagination sets the limit.

We also customize (or create new!) designs based on your creative ideas and needs making a truly unique wallpaper.

"Our mission is to innovate the wallpaper industry by creating bespoke wallpapers produced on-demand for an international audience."


Proudly Produced in Sweden

All our bespoke wallpapers are produced on-demand at our state-of-the-art production facility in Borås, Sweden. Our processes, products, and services are as customized as our wallpaper designs.

We produce your very own custom wall mural after you have placed your order.

Design is experienced all the way to the wall. That is why we have chosen to control the whole process from design to delivery of your unique wall mural.

Our Cause

Wallpaper Innovators

We are third-generation wallpaper makers. We love to push the boundaries of what can be done.

Our team constantly reinvents how we design, produce, and think of wallpaper.

We claim our space and help others claim theirs.

Spreading the Word

Rebels Claiming Their Space

A rebel is someone who stays true to themselves. Someone who dares to stand out from the crowd, be different, think differently, and challenge the little things.

It takes courage to follow your passion, go that extra mile, and Claim Your Space.

Meet inspiring fellow rebels who have created their very own wallpapers.

Join our Cause. Make the world more beautiful, colorful, and diverse.

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