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Peel & Stick is our self-adhesive and removable wallpaper with the same premium look and touch as our traditional paste-the-wall wallpaper. No previous wallpapering experience is required, allowing you to transform your room in a heartbeat!

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Find your favorite pattern and choose which wallpaper type you prefer when customizing the wallpaper. You can order samples to view the designs on non-woven material.

So, don't hesitate! We know you can do it.

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Peel & Stick is recommended for

Peel & Stick is a great choice for smaller projects, such as an accent wall, or when you want to change wallpaper more often, like a kid's room or for events.

Peel & Stick is unsuitable in rooms with significant temperature changes and varying humidity, such as bathrooms. Rough walls, structured walls, and ceilings are not recommended.

Succeed with Peel & Stick

  1. Wall Check

    First of all, ask yourself: are your walls smooth? Rough textured and structured surfaces will make it harder for the Peel & Stick to adhere to the wall. For details on recommended surfaces, read our surface prep guide.

  2. Prep Your Wall

    If your walls are freshly painted, you should give the walls 4-6 weeks to cure fully. Ensure the color is uniform and doesn't differ significantly from your chosen wallpaper. If you can't wait, choose our traditional paste-the-wall wallpaper.

  3. A Clean Canvas

    If all the above is checked in box Use a damp cloth or sponge to clean the surface with warm water and mild soap. Allow it to dry for a minimum of 24 hours.

  4. Organize

    Like a chef doing the "mis en place," we recommend dividing your lengths 24 hours before starting your project.

    Start by dividing the lengths as indicated by the cutting symbols.

    Lay the lengths with the label facing upwards in numerical order, starting with length number one (of course, our wallpaper comes in numerical sequence).

    Let the lengths lay flat for at least 24 hrs to climatize in the same room as intended for installation.

  5. Claim Your Space

    Hang your wallpaper from left to right. Easy up, easy down with Peel & Stick! Now, off you go, claim your space.

Get detailed instructions in our installation guide.

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