Interior Professional Trade Account

Our Interior Professional Trade includes a joint tailored concept for Sandberg Wallpaper and Rebel Walls. Receive an exclusive discount on ALL products in our range. We have no minimum requirements on any order because not all projects are identical.

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Get Best-In-The-Business Service and Perks for A Pro

You can rest assured knowing you can meet any client's needs through our wide selection of designs. We offer a dedicated best-in-the-business service with customization and an entirely bespoke wallpaper design for your project. We got a dedicated team available to assist you through the buying process. We help you with custom requests, invoices, and shipping instructions.

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  • Discount

  • Free samples

  • Sneak peek of new collections

  • Time with our Project Service Studio

  • Best-in-the-business-service: A forceful team of Rebel associates will assist you from inspiration to installation

  • Express delivery – we get it; sometimes time is limited during a project

  • Video meeting with customer service

  • Reach – We will share selected images from interior designers in our newsletters and social media (we will brag about your style)

Meet our rebellious project team

Join forces with our project team, which is dedicated to empowering interior designers to craft impeccable spaces. We specialize in creating bespoke wallpapers tailored to your clients' visions, ensuring every wall tells a story of individuality and sophistication. Our mission? To be the go-to accomplices for designers, infusing spaces with unparalleled character and finesse. Let's collaborate and redefine 'perfection' one wall at a time!

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