Press Release Deco – Collection Book #12


The boisterous era of the Roaring Twenties can be defined by prosperity, flappers, Charleston, jazz clubs and wild youth. And even if we can’t really say we’re reliving similar times a century later, there are certainly echoes of the past in these 30 wall murals of Deco in terms of luxurious elegance and architectural refinement.

The collection of Deco is a revamped and modernized take on the 1920s style resulting in a sleek Art Deco smoothie of bold patterns, bright colors, golden details, soft lines and striking geometric shapes in different dimensions and uneven surfaces.

“Apart from being inspired by the City of Lights, where Art Deco was first exhibited, we’ve let ourselves slow down, zoom in and discover beautiful details in the unexpected places. From extraordinary ventilation shafts made up of tiny vaults and arches to the interesting light transformation happening in the transition between floors, walls and windows.” – Johanna Ek, Designer at Rebel Walls.

And most importantly – pair your favorite wall mural with something that you love. Then watch the designs of the 1920s slowly refine the interior of your 21st century home by lending an air of wildness to even the most tranquil and serene space.

The Deco collection will be available for ordering from February 19, 2019.

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