Meet a Rebel Rebel Walls x Happy Socks

Rebels and Pioneers - A match made in wallpaper
Rebel Walls has teamed up with Happy Socks in a Meet a Rebel collaboration featuring some of Happy Socks' most iconic designs. The playful collection of prints, murals, dots, and stripes in the most amazing colorways brings Happy Socks pioneering prints from socks to walls.

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"Make a statement with colorful iconic sock prints turned into wallpaper."

Rebel Walls and Happy Socks share a common vision of a more colorful and diverse world. So, it felt so natural (and super exciting!) to join forces to make an impact and encourage people to be themselves and express who they are creatively with wallpaper!

Happy Socks are for all those out there who think life can never be too colorful; such a great mindset! Just like Rebel Walls, they believe in the freedom to be and express yourself and in bringing happiness and color to every corner of the world while having fun!

Happy Socks story started in 2008 with a couple friends in Sweden and is now a global phenomenon. Their colorful, creative, and fun sock prints can be seen all across the globe. Many of their classic patterns have become iconic and can now be found as wallpaper!

"Feel the breeze. Escape reality with these scenic murals."

Dive right in! Go Claim Your Space with a design that makes you happy dance!

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