Meet a Rebel Zandra Rhodes

The Queen of Colours

The colourful British textile designer Zandra Rhodes made her entrance to the fashion industry in 1967. With her vibrant and playful prints, she revolutionized the scene for good.

Being true to herself and standing by her designs, Zandra Rhodes is a true rebel and the Queen of Colour.

In the 80’s Zandra was a frequent visitor of Studio 54. It was a fabulous, glitzy time where Donna Summer was all the rage and Zandra would be pictured leaving the club in the early hours with Bianca Jagger.

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Wall murals that make a fabulous statement!

At Rebel Walls, we are thrilled to have this fantastic opportunity to explore Zandra's eye for colour and print archive with her and her team, which has resulted in the creation of these unique wall murals from an exclusive selection of her prints

Step into Zandra Rhodes’ colourful world and claim your space with her iconic prints!

“I adore that my prints have become wall murals. A rebellious and unexpected statement that doesn't hide in the background – quite literally!“

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What was your first impression of Rebel Walls and why did you say yes to this collaboration?

I adore everything that I have seen done by Rebel Walls. You always do something unexpected that lights up the space. As a fashion and textile designer it’s fabulous to work on a project that focuses so wonderfully on designs.

What is a rebel to you?

A rebel is someone who comes up with a totally new concept - something that sends shockwaves. They are not afraid to introduce something that has never been seen before.

In this case it is a wall that makes a statement! It does not hide into the background - quite literally!

How do you feel about your prints becoming wall murals?

I adore the idea of my prints becoming wall murals. Making a fabulous statement! A rebellious, dramatic and unexpected statement!

What is the best way to claim your space in your home?

Objects like vases, cushions and definitely wallpaper which immediately alters your surroundings. It gives the room a focus, it commands your attention as soon as you step into it. And of course a home should be a reflection of yourself!

“I invite you to claim your space with Rebel Walls"

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