Create A Bespoke Wallpaper Design

Design di carta da parati su misura

Non riuscite a trovare il design perfetto per il vostro progetto? Il nostro studio di progettazione di carte da parati su misura può aiutarvi a dare vita alla vostra visione con carte da parati personalizzate, fatte su misura per le vostre esigenze. Lasciateci lavorare con voi per creare un design unico che si adatti perfettamente al vostro spazio e al vostro stile.

Unlimited Customization Options

  • Can I create my own wallpaper? Yes, you can!

  • Can you make wallpaper from a picture? Yes, we can!

  • Sketching and revision rounds

  • Change color to an existing design

  • Change the scale and proportions

  • Remove or add objects

  • Insert text and logos

  • Scanning and pattern adjustments to your original design

Realize Your Vision With Our Design Studio

We create bespoke wallpaper from your design or our collections. Our excellent high-quality product has a unique design, and we are proud of our craftsmanship. We can customize all our designs to your preferences and make your and your client's wallpaper dreams come true. We just need your wall's dimensions and your idea, and we will create a custom-made mural to fit your project as a glove.

A typical design service job takes 1-3 hours, and our hourly rate is 134 USD USD/ 65.10 GBP/ 160.00 CAD.

We got the tools, and you got the ideas. Together, we will create magical walls and happy customers.

It’s A Piece Of Cake To Make Adjustments

Adapt the design to your wall

We can easily centralize objects for a perfect result


Help your client to realize your vision with a large bespoke sample. Order an entire length of wallpaper for a better overview of the design. With our designer, you can choose which section from the design and which scale you want to get the sample.

Fee: 40 USD - If you end up ordering the wallpaper, we will deduct this sum from the final price.

Be The Designer! Interior Design Projects With A Complete Bespoke Design

Got a Project in Mind?

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