Bathroom Wallpaper

Wallpapers are a great way to dress up your bathroom. Make sure it's a room with low humidity, such as a toilet without a bath or shower. Avoid places with direct exposure to water.

A Simple Transformation with Small Bathroom Wallpaper

With a variety of names, from the guest toilet, ensuite, powder room, WC or loo, and no matter what name you have for this room, it is probably one of the most important and often visited rooms in your home. Not only for you and your family – but also for your guests. So why is the small bathroom one of the most forgotten rooms to decorate?

You can make a few simple changes to revamp your small bathroom, for example, installing mirrors will make small spaces seem larger, experimenting with daring colors and interesting textures such as decorative floor tiles and whimsical wallpapers that will make your bathroom interior pop. And don’t forget to hang up some storage shelves for those knick-knacks.

Adding wallpaper to your bathroom interior is one of the easiest and simplest ways to transform any interior space, all without taking up any important space that may already be limited.

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Personalize Your Walls with a Customized Small Bathroom Wallpaper

Choose any wallpaper design for your small bathroom; all our designs are fully customized to fit your wall, therefore making installation so much easier. In our wide wallpaper assortment, you'll find everything from bold and cheerful designs such as ”Jungle Land, Color”, to simple yet elegant options like our ”Bellewood, Grey Toile”. Perhaps you're looking to create a tropical dream; then, our ”Cuba Jungle” wallpaper will transform your small bathroom space into a lush oasis.

Whether you fancy the impactful experience of a continuous wallpaper pattern on all walls or the eye-catching effect of a feature wall, we'll help you find the perfect small bathroom wallpaper. Why not create an effortless look with a half-tiled and half wallpapered wall, we have both real-looking tile and wood panel wallpaper designs for you to mix and match with our selection of decorative patterns.

We recommend installing wallpapers in a powder room or small bathroom with low humidity, this includes no areas around the bath or inside the shower or direct contact with water.