Community Engagement

We Have Your Back

We are proud to say that a thriving community is at the top of our agenda! We believe in the power of the uncut version of yourself and work hard on empowering our fellow rebels.

We want to face today's challenges head-on!


For over a decade, Rebel Walls has proudly supported Habitat for Humanity, a nonprofit organization empowering people in local communities worldwide to build a space they can call home.

In September, we sent a team to Berceni, Romania, to help construct and wallpaper the homes of 12 families. It was an honor fulfilling our mission, helping the families claim their space and create a more beautiful, colorful, and diverse world.

The right to have your own space is part of our DNA. That's why we've supported Habitat for Humanity for over ten years and will continue doing so!

Giving Back

We work with, a Swedish company that plants trees that otherwise would never have been planted. Our climate investments through Plantmore, working with biodiverse reforestation, support biodiversity, leading to a local and global impact on sustainability. We make sure to replace every tree we use in our production with a newly planted one. This is only a small part of our always-on-going sustainability work. 

Read more about what we do here!👇

Earlier Initiatives

Some other great organizations we have supported are the World Wildlife Fund, Operation Smile, RFSL, and the Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund. We love to pay it forward!

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Supporting Lgbtqi Rights

Our co-rebels' well-being is always our highest priority. Our motto, Claim Your Space, not only includes your physical space. We believe in everybody's right to be and express their true selves, so we supported RFSL's work promoting LGBTQI rights worldwide with specially designed wallpapers. 50% of the revenues were donated to RFSL during June-December 2023.

Take a stand for everybody's right to be their uncut version!