White Wallpaper

Bring new light and life into your home with our luxurious and minimalist white wallpaper.

Create a Vivid and Exciting Space with White Wallpaper

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Blank Canvas Simplicity

With white wallpaper, the possibilities are endless. It is a perfect blank canvas for all patterns, whether contemporary or more traditional. The addition of white wallpaper also emphasizes all other aspects of your new room to give it a brand-new feeling. It brings together the perfect entertaining spaces that will serve for many years to come.

Picture how the light in your rooms will play against our white wallpaper. Think about how light and picturesque your room will look – almost as if it is out of a magazine. Wallpapering a room is much more efficient than painting. You can achieve a professional-level product on your own or contract a wallpapering professional.

White pattern wallpaper proves to make for a majestic and luxurious space. Create a one of a kind area in your home with white wallpaper from Rebel Walls!

The Perfect Background

White provides the perfect background for beginning any home decorating. It starts as a blank canvas – literally. Your imagination is working at its finest exploring all the grand possibilities that can occupy this space along with all the memories to come.

White, as the polar opposite of black, gives you the chance to elevate and emphasize many strong and beautiful colors. The stark contrast gives the viewer a strong distinction between the darkest color and the lightest color and everything in between. The look is bold, defined, and modern.

Other colors that pair well with white wallpaper are strong neutral colors such as sage green, navy blue, beige and pink. These more subtle colors, although not having as strong of a contrast as black, still provide for the making of a wonderful space that you will love for years to come.

Industrial Ivory

Industrial Ivory offers a modern aesthetic in displaying a brick pattern. The geometric pattern wallpaper reveals the beauty of aging and relics of the past. It provides an intriguing and powerful background that is perfect for home offices, kids rooms, hallways, and everything in between. The contemporary design is not one to be overlooked and we are sure you will love it.

Hope Mountains

Hope Mountains is a breathtaking yet subtle wallpaper that matches any and all interior decor. It is minimalistic in taste, and holds both a contemporary and somewhat rustic feel as well. Soft grays from the strokes of a graphite pencil along with soothing watercolors bring together a masterpiece fit for your home.


Find a light, airy, and unique wallpaper with Breathe by Rebel Walls. Find your true inner zen with this mystic wallpaper. Let your eyes follow the branches while you focus on deep breaths to bring a relaxing calm to yourself. Focus inwards and let yourself slip away into a trance state for a few minutes each day and reset.