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More Is More

Sometimes more (to put it plainly) IS more. Maximalism is a fave of ours that also appeals to many rebels out there. We’ll guide you through some of the essentials to pull this style off successfully. And, what better way to express oneself than with big capital PATTERNS?

Explore Maximalism

"Go maximalist with big and colorful bold patterns."

So, what defines Maximalism?

Maximalism is sometimes described as the aesthetic of excess. A maximalist home is a happy place filled with colors, patterns, and textures, preferably in a way that, at first sight, might seem chaotic.

But behind every stunning Maximalist home is the touch of a skilled interior designer.

Maximalism demands a sense of how to match colors and patterns in an awe-inspiring way. No worries, though. The most crucial secret behind this style is remembering to have fun with it! Play with colors and prints to create that sumptuous and daring interior.

Maximalist Wallpapers

"Remember to have fun!"

Fun-loving nostalgia

This style is perfect for picking up on the now super trendy influences from the seventies, eighties, and nineties. Our collection More Is More, is a playful and nostalgic collection gathering unapologetically bold wallpapers. The joy-driven post-pandemic landscape inspired us to create this cool, happy crowd of wallpapers where checks, emojis, and bold leopard prints mix.

More Is More

Must-haves to perfect this style!

Match your favorite statement wallpaper with glossy lacquered furniture and plenty of accessories to pull this style off. We assure you nothing makes you smile as a well-decorated maximalist space.

Lacquered or shiny details
Lots of accessories
Your favorite colors or neons!

Ways to Go Maximalist

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