Wallpaper Trends 2024

Seasonal Palette

This year's color palette is reflected in the most sought-after trends. The quest for Quiet Luxury and the Escape from Tech trends go hand in hand with the now super-popular shades of brown and the captivating hues of peach, pink, red, burgundy, and yellow.

Brown is this year's statement color. Latte dressing has been a thing for a while, and latte decorating is one of the biggest trends this year. Rich brown hues will elegantly dress this year's most beautiful homes in textiles, furniture, and wall decorations. All shades of brown are just right; go for a lighter shade for the air of understated luxury or a more profound ember or brandy for a bolder look.

"Make your decor pop with interior details or patterns in this year's most sought-after colors."

Among the many stunning lush shades this year, we find a bunch that works beautifully together with brown. Powerful reds dominated the fashion scene in 2023 and are now spilling over into interiors, spreading passion and energy. Pantone launched their soft and friendly Peach Fuzz as the Color of The Year in January, and shades of pink and orange are great with all things brown. Make sure to have design details in buttery yellow, spreading a warm, cheerful, and creative vibe. All of the above colors are solid choices this season.

Add a little shimmer for a more hard-core exclusive look. Metallics, specifically silver and chrome, are an upcoming trend predicted by Pinterest, where metallic furniture and doors are trending.

The-it color: Brown

Brown is a versatile color that creates a warm, inviting, and grounded atmosphere. Brown is often used to develop a sense of cohesion and balance and is often associated with nature, comfort, and stability. Using wallpaper is a natural and easy way to incorporate brown hues into your decor.

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"Dare to go Monochrome. The tone-on-tone decor has just the right elevated and sophisticated feel."

Peach, Pink and Orange

The velvety embracing peach is a gentle mix of orange and pink that adds a vibrant yet warm and sweet touch to your space. Peach, orange, and pink can all create various looks, from relaxing, feminine, and romantic to playful and energetic.

Seasonal Palette

Style Secrets

  1. Wallpaper with your favorite design in brown hues.

  2. Incorporate naturally brown elements like wood, stone, or leather in your decor.

  3. Use throw blankets, pillows, and rugs in your chosen accent color.

  4. Frame your artwork with frames in brown, red, burgundy, peach, or why not chrome?

All these colors can create extraordinary spaces reflecting your style and personality. Dare to experiment with different shades and tones and go monochrome.

Off you go! Discover your wallpaper babe in your most favored shade!

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