Dots Wallpaper

Decorative Wallpapers with Polka Dots and Dots

Our wallpapers with dots shine with their simplicity and joy with their colorful and playful patterns. There are plenty of choices when decorating your home, from light droplets with splashed paint, halftone dots for an optical illusion, geometrical dots, polka dots, spotty wallpapers and more. Polka dots are a timeless pattern, and you can see them everywhere, on furniture, fabrics, clothes, and porcelain – so why not choose polka dot wallpaper for your wall.

Match all different-sized dots with other shapes for a fun and creative mix. Colorful dots will look great in your child's room, choose playful shapes with hypnotic watercolor bubbles. Our “Ink Colossal” polka dot wallpaper is no ordinary polka dot design, with its gold and black ink splashes and striking dot arrangement.

Our smaller dotted wallpapers, including our black and white polka dot design “Rebel Dot” is perfect for those wanting something different but still keeping close to this traditional pattern, featuring smaller dots that are not perfectly shaped, making this pattern more beautiful and interesting, other colors are also available, including our yellow polka dot, green polka dot, purple polka dot, and peach.

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Different Styles of Dots Wallpaper to Create a Cheerful Home

With our dot wallpaper, you can easily vary the style of the design by rotating them as you like. See how the dots calmly rise towards the sky, or if you flip the motif, how the dots playfully drift down from the ceiling. If you are looking for a pattern that will stay modern and timeless, our patterns with polka dots are a sure thing on your wall, creating a mature but still playful performance in your home. When we create a wall mural, each product is designed with you in mind, no matter your personal lifestyle, you will always find something to fit your taste. Which of our dot patterns do you prefer?

How to Measure for a Dot Wallpaper?

All our wallpapers are fully customized to any wall dimensions and not only can our wallpapers be featured on one wall but can also be assembled on one, two, three or four walls. Also don’t forget about the fifth wall, which is the ceiling! Need more information about measuring your walls for wallpaper? View our measuring guide.