Ceiling Wallpaper

The Most Impressive Ceiling Art Wallpaper Murals Since Michelangelo

When you enter palaces, churches, and castles – they are there. The artistic ceilings. The Sistine Chapel with Michelangelo’s astonishing paintings is probably the most well-known ceiling art of them all. Now you don’t have to paint the ceiling yourself, nor call the descendants of Mr. Michelangelo. Whether it be a fresco painting, vaulted ceilings, or an open roof design you are looking to add to your interior, you’ll find it in our selection of ceiling wallpaper murals. Clouds and light patterns will open up any room, whilst also lifting the ceiling higher, darker motifs will make rooms appear cozier and more snug. Be sure to remember the fifth wall with a Rebel Walls ceiling wallpaper!

How to Measure for A Ceiling Wallpaper?

Measuring your ceiling for wallpaper is exactly the same method when measuring your four walls, simply measure the widest point and longest point. Don’t forget to add an extra 2 inches to your overall dimensions for leeway. If you have any questions or would like further help you are welcome to contact our support team.