Kommersielle tapetprosjekter

Store kommersielle prosjekter trenger store, dristige tapetdesign! Klokken er inspo – len deg tilbake og nyt disse fantastiske interiørprosjektene.

Interior Design Projects

Our amazing wallpaper fits perfectly in any hotel, residential project, restaurant, office, retail store, or school. In several projects, in collaboration with the interior designer, our design studio has produced a bespoke design or changed an existing design's color and scale. Contact our project design studio if you want to adjust or create your wallpaper design to make it a perfect match for your interior project.

Got a Project in Mind?

Design Service Specialist

Simon Sjödin

+46 73 751 18 86

Project Sales Manager

Emma Wertsén

+46 76 317 64 96

Inspirational Wallpaper design