Bouquet Collection

Create a lush hideaway in your home

In Bouquet, you'll find detailed botanical studies and freer, more artistic, interpretations of the extraordinary nature that surrounds us. Breathtaking beauty that we as urban people anyhow sometimes miss. A humble yet excited feeling stands the ground for these playful, dreamy, sober and whimsical wall murals of this collection. If you have a dream of creating a lush hideaway at home, for recreation and energy, you'll find the wallpaper for it in Bouquet.

Equally Inspired by The Sun as The Shade

An interesting garden is varied and filled with edgy but thought-through contrasts. Wild and untamed meadow lands meet the neat and carefully arranged flower beds. Both sunny and shady parts exist, and plants that thrive in those exact conditions grace the land. In this collection, you’ll find both leaf shadow and energetic flower arrangements. We'll mix the micro perspective with the view and impression you'll get from afar. Why not hang a dim-capped fir forest, a dense and lush jungle view or a cacti landscape on your wall?

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