Storytime Collection

Wallpaper murals for the young at heart

Inspired by fantastic stories, classic as well as contemporary, these playful wallpaper designs are a tribute to imagination and creativity. Each design is a celebration of the magical worlds of storybooks – woods of giant mushrooms, exotic jungles, castles wrapped in enchantment and the thicket of roses. These patterns are designed to appeal to children and adults alike and will bring some of that magic from the realm of stories into your home.

Bring Storybook Magic Into Your Home

A storybook is a gateway to another world – one in which wallpaper tastes of chocolate and bottles labeled ’drink me’ can lead to an unbelievable adventure. In the Storytime Collection, there are categories and motifs inspired by both classic and contemporary stories, laced into picture-perfect designs. We believe there’s no age limit on imagination – this collection is here to help you weave a bit of fairytale magic into your room, whatever your age.

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