Press Release Bouquet – Collection Book #11


People are, always will be and always have been – inspired by nature. No matter how many mind-blowing, technically advanced, creative and beautiful design solutions humankind can come up with – nature is always, effortlessly, ahead of us. This collection is made in a humble fascination of the nature that surrounds us.

The wallpaper collection Bouquet contains 29 wall murals – all inspired by lush greeneries and flourishing sceneries. We explore the close-up perspective such as the one you get from afar and examines how the different standing points affect our experience of the landscape.

”A varied and interesting garden has sunny and shady parts where plants who thrive in those exact conditions grace the land. There’re open areas and hidden glades – lush hideaways where kids can play and newly formed couples kiss. These different ”rooms” that can be found in a rich and flourishing garden has inspired our collection.” – Johanna Ek, Designer at Rebel Walls.

In Bouquet, you’ll find detailed botanical studies and freer and more artistic interpretations of flowers. No matter what you fall for – a forever blooming experience awaits.

”What’s your own personal look on nature and in what way would you love to welcome the outdoors inside? Questions to ask and answer before deciding on what wall mural to go for.” Maria Sjöstrand, Stylist at Rebel Walls.

Collection Book #11: Bouquet will be available for ordering from September 6.

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