Red Wallpaper

Drape your walls in a wonderfully warm, red tone. This delightful color brings forth an unmatched warmth and depth that just might be exactly what you need in your next home project.

If Your Home Needs a Big Splash of Energy – Red Wallpaper Might Be What You’re Looking For.

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Add Happiness to Your Surroundings with Red Wallpaper

With a red wall mural, you can give your home a big jolt of energy. Red color tones are known to increase appetite and are often used in kitchens as well as dining rooms.

Considered the color of romance and love, red is an interior design tool that heightens the senses and adds optimism. It represents euphoria, cheerfulness, and innovation. Dress your walls in red and feel the joy and excitement!

Claim Your Space with Red Wallpaper

Explore our extensive selection of red wallpaper with Rebel Walls and claim your space! Discover inspiring and captivating red wallpaper designs that fit the personality of your home!

The Perfect Pairing

Red can be an elegant color. It creates a charming and inspiring space for all applications. Pairing the color black with red brings through a powerful and impactful space that can take your next home project to the next level. The wonderful contrast is a historic color combination that has and will stand the test of time. This can be your next color pairing for your dining room.

Pairing red wallpaper with white wallpaper, on the other hand, creates a brighter space with a calming warmth brought out by the red. This becomes a perfect accent for walls in the living room and the dining room, for example. This delightful aesthetic will surely bring smiles and joy to your home.

Red is an extremely versatile color that can be both a focal point of the room and a subtle background to feature several other aspects of the room. We are sure that you will find a pattern to fall in love with for years to come here with Rebel Walls.

Eden Nightfall

Eden Nightfall is a captivating red and dark wallpaper featuring intricate floral designs with the accompaniment of various birds. The passion fruit flower is the pride and focus of this luxurious wallpaper. The contrasting colors play perfectly together to give the viewer a renewed sense of depth and desire. Let your eyes wander and tap into your creative side.

Aquila, Rust

Another one of our favorite wall mural designs is Aquila, Rust. Dive deep into the unexplored and curious ocean with this mesmerizing coral reef design. The marine life displays a pleasing assortment and complex design of coral and shells that is perfect for any setting. One of our favorite placements is in the bathroom, and we are certain that you will find that it matches in any other room. Be different, be creative.

Garden of Dreams

Garden of Dreams in Red is an extremely playful and unique design that gives a new life to any room or office space. The subtle floral design wallpaper featuring blossoming red lilies will inspire a creative mind as well as set it at peace for a calming aesthetic. A warm feel and welcoming design will stand the test of time and be an integral part of your daily life.

Wallpaper Any Room in Red

The dining room is a great application for red wall murals. An open space, such as a dining room, allows you to choose a large, majestic pattern to set the tone for the room.

Bring red wallpaper murals into the bedroom and craft a cozy, warm, and comfortable room feel. The color sets the tone, heightens the senses, and will make you feel right at home. Patterned wallpapers in red do the job just right.