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A map on the wall gives you perspective and overview – choose from world maps in various expressions or go closer to an area you especially like, or whose aesthetics you cannot resist. Maps are beautiful even though the world nowadays may not look the same. And that's what fascinates us; to go back in history and experience what our planet once looked like before. Rebel Walls map wallpapers offer excellent vintage maps dating back to the 1700s, colorful world maps and new maps in a graphic style. Why not add a world map as a feature wall and plan your bucket list of future destinations to visit? View our range of map wallpapers below.

Put the World on Your Wall with a Map Wallpaper

Maps have not only been used for navigation, but also as a form of communication throughout world history, irrespective of language. They have a unique way of introducing ideas and concepts, artistically. What was once a practical innovation, is now seen as an individual piece of art. A map wallpaper will become a focal point in your home, a source of interest as well as a decorative landscape.

Our society's modern interpretation of maps can lead to interesting discussions and discourse on the shape of the world today. Discover all map wallpapers and the distinctive map styles we have on offer, including various world map wallpapers, world globe maps, star maps, US maps and many more.

Our most celebrated map wallpaper “Around the World” offers a traditional style but with a twist, its spinnable world map design gives a curved 3D perspective of a world map on your wall.

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