Green Wallpaper

Let this enchanting color enter your home with our beautiful green wallpaper. We associate the color green with grassy fields, luscious green leaves, and other amazing gifts of nature – it’s the color of hope.

Bring Nature Inside with Green Wallpaper

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Soothing to The Eye

Green is very soothing to the eye and nature provides us with many nuances. Green wall murals can look light and airy in a kitchen, crisp and clean in a bathroom, and relaxing and warm in a living room.

Gray-green, moss green, olive green and other earthy green colors are well-suited for homes in natural settings. With green wall murals, your room will be enlightened and feel more inspiring and harmonic. Choose which green wallpaper design that fits your personality best – nature, urban, art or maps.

Find your favorite green wallpaper from Rebel Walls to add beauty and harmony to your home.

Add Wealth and Harmony to Your Home

Create a calm and relaxing atmosphere in your home with our green wall murals. Green is the color that represents all things alive, from the smallest leaf to large fields and deep forests. You can decorate an entire room with greens and still have contrast, drama, richness, and balance – it’s that versatile.

With a green photo wall mural, you can let trees come up from your floor and rise toward the ceiling, palm leaves grow from a corner or have a classic green atlas map. Make your home smile with these amazing wallpapers and feel how the green color of hope lightens up your life!

The Color of Life

The color green is enchanting and the color of life. In all aspects of nature, you can find the green. If you are one who loves the outdoors and adventure, then green is the perfect wallpaper for you.

We find our inspiration from the natural world every day. In our hand-drawn designs for our durable and long-lasting wallpaper, we incorporate natural and organic elements into all aspects. From the design to the materials used and recycled, we love to give back in any way that we can.

We love to create sustainable spaces here at Rebel Walls and have the environment as our top priority and we would be thrilled if you did too! Creating a more sustainable world is a big goal that we have and together we can make that happen – one step at a time.

Mischievous Monkeys, Lush

Mischievous Monkeys, Lush is a beautiful, intricate, and mesmerizing design featuring a healthy and lively jungle. This wallpaper brings a cool, calm, and collected feeling and is perfect for home offices and bedrooms alike. It is playful, yet soothing. Mischievous, yet relaxing. A green wall mural like this one is surely to attract a new sense of happiness and life into any room.

Factory Window

A classic geometric design is featured in our Factory Window wall mural. This green masterpiece seeks to replicate old factory window styles looking out into a green oasis. Geometric designs such as this give any room a deep view and a shining light. Bring the garden view home with this delightful design.

Pixie Night

Peace and quiet. Pixie Night is an inspiring and soothing wall mural in a dark green color that soothes the mind. It is a wonderful addition to any kids room or play area. The sleepy full moon watching over a rich, green pasture full of life in flowers and leprechauns is a wonderful accessory and focal point to add to your home decor.

Lively Green Color Pairings

The green aesthetic of wallpaper and wall murals is one that is comforting and inspiring. The color is very neutral and can be mixed and matched with a variety of colors, patterns, and textures of your choosing.

To create a mystic and mysterious oceanic feel, match green wallpaper with the blue wallpaper. This wonderful nautical theme brings you back to the ocean. Calming seas and the gentle crashing of waves take you back to your happy place. Health and positivity are vibrant with this color combination.

Another highly regarded and classic combination is green and white wallpaper. This scheme is light, bright, and gentle to the viewers’ eye. This works perfectly in kitchens and entryways where ample lighting is key. It is majestic and inviting to all and will serve as a classic option for years to follow.

Combining green wallpaper and wall murals to enhance other home decors, such as hardwood floors, family and friends will feel transported to the heart of the forest. A warm and serene green and brown aesthetic will ground all who encounter this authentic and rustic atmosphere.

You can’t go wrong with choosing a wonderful and vivid color pattern for your home. It can enhance your mood, productivity, and mindset as well as being a perfect background color for other elements in your home. Find a beautiful mural today and create your space for now and for the future of your home!