Press Release Cultural Sceneries – Trend Collection


Rebel Walls' new trend collection Cultural Sceneries is about cultural fusion and blending historical and cultural references with wall murals for a unique and eclectic home.

The design team was inspired by the new culturally-ambiguous aesthetics and eclectic interiors, blending modern design with antiques and heirlooms.

"Our desire for belonging is stronger than ever, and the evolving cultural fusion brings us all together in a beautiful way. We're inspired by unexpected connections between cultures, heritage, and history. We all have a unique story to tell, and your home should be a way for you to do that. Use your everyday living spaces to display personal items alongside vintage purchases and new heirlooms. Feature objects that are representative of you and your heritage." – Johanna Jansson, Designerat Rebel Walls.

The new designs in Rebel Walls' trend collection bring a lot of possibilities for your walls. You'll find turn of the century architecture, art deco glamour, Middle Eastern influences, and a little bit of Japan, all in a mix of graphic, floral, and hand-painted organic shapes. So whether you want to remodel your home or a luxury niche hotel, you'll find a perfect design match in this collection.

"Cultural Sceneries is an homage to cultural fusion and every individual's unique background. The wallpapers in this collection allow you to create a unique, personal space that tells your story" says Irene Gimmersta, Creative Director at Rebel Walls.

Trend Collection Cultural Sceneries contains 6 wallpapers and is available online from February 25, 2021

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