Meet a Rebel Donedo

An artistic creator with a passion for bold colors

Donna knows what it feels like to stand out in a crowd. She is an artist and creator who loves bold and bright colors, and she is not afraid to show her true self for the world.

Her passion is to enjoy different cultures, self-care, and contribute to creating a shifting culture that makes women more comfortable with their skin and hair and to be self-confident.

We are proud to have collaborated with Donna, who has produced a fantastic mural.

The Donedo Wallpaper

This is a unique and hand-painted alcohol ink art with bold and bright colors that create enormous energy in the room.

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How would you describe your home?

To reach my potential is to embrace my style and aesthetics. My motto is not to be afraid and to go bold and bright. My apartment is my home retreat.

The colors in my home may not be for everyone, but I genuinely love them. It is a process to create a home, and you can't just snap your fingers and make it happen. It takes time, but it's worth it.

There is a lot of thought and energy that goes into cultivating the style that you want. Your space will feel more like home if you take your time and only choose pieces that spark joy. Find details that work for you and don't mind other's opinions. Improve your space, put time into it, and make it more enjoyable.

What does being a rebel mean to you?

Growing up, I was a minority. I know what it feels like to stand out in a crowd. Once I grew up, I realised that standing out is not a bad thing. I embraced all the things that make me me, my hair, for example.

I started up my youtube channel during the same period that black women in America started to embrace their natural hair. Before that, the trend was to have straight hair and fit in.

Having big kinky hair was seen as bad hair, but now being part of the youtube space, I am happy to cultivate and create a shifting culture that makes women more comfortable in their skin and hair and be pleased with themselves.

“I'm so happy to be part of Rebel Walls amazing crowd and to express my art as wallpaper!"

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Would you like to describe the design process of your mural?

The wallpaper is abstract while not to be too distracting. I think that the color dynamics of the wallpaper between white, pink, and blue are very well balanced.

I wanted to create a great dynamic that makes the wall look higher. I wanted to spruce up my bathroom with this project.

The mural made my bathroom into a bright and bold space that I think came together really well. The wall mural speaks for itself, and I keep the interior clean.

I look forward to getting myself ready in the morning and taking long bubble baths at night.

Self-care is essential for you. Tell us more about that.

Every day I dedicate time to myself with self-care. The best way to start my day is to take a morning walk and let the sun warm my face.

When the evening comes: I enjoy a nice bubble bath; I light some candles, and drink a glass of wine and try to relax. I do not compromise on my time and what makes me feel good. I feel best when I spend time with friends and family.

New experiences like traveling are one of my passions, and I love to bring with me parts that I like from different cultures and enrich my life.

Tell us about your passion in life and why it’s so important to you:

My biggest passion in life is to create and find new ways to do things.

I love the feeling of coming up with a new idea and fantasizing ways it can be implemented, especially if it seems to be something that others believe is impossible.

It becomes an experiment and a reminder to ourselves that we are the only ones who put restrictions on ourselves.

What does it mean to you to dare to be yourself completely?

For me, it means that you should always be yourself, with grace and pride, even if it means that people don't always understand or sometimes choose otherwise.

I live in the belief that the right people are drawn to you when you are your true self.

I also believe that we do the world the best service through being ourselves one hundred percent and dare to take pride in our best and most true self. Through this, I think that we inspire others and make a real change, and that others will do the same, even if their true self is completely different from mine.

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"Once I grew up, I realised that standing out is not a bad thing. I embraced all the things that make me me."