Dusty Pink Collection

Let passion lead the way

Fewer colors evoke so many different emotions as the color pink does. It is fascinating how such a laid-back, self-evident and pleasant color can engage so many feelings. Pink has historically been associated with both male and female characteristics. At first, we dressed our sons in the color, then our daughters. Now the color pink is free. All people, all categories can allow themselves the most passionate color in their homes. Pink is bubbling energy and peaceful harmony. Pink is for the open-hearted and broad-minded individuals and brings a strong feeling of togetherness. The future is pink.

Dusty Pink – A Refined Shade

The shade is crucial to what effect the color will have in a room. This goes for all colors but perhaps pink in particular, from energetic neon pink to fluffy and kind pastel pink. All of these have a profound effect on any room. The shade that dominates our wall mural collection is Dusty Pink; this is a well-balanced pink shade with a pinch of black. “Pink plus ink” one could say. A little rougher but so much more interesting.

This is also the case with the motifs in general, in this striking trend collection. Strong, durable materials like a brick wall and a mountain range meet the easy breeze of sun rays shining through a morning mist. Dusty pink is a refined and pleasant nuance and the easiest to introduce in a home where the walls used to be all white. Think pink!