Press Release Flora Maxima – Trend Collection


Prepare yourself and your walls for an unforgettable flower shower. Strong pigments, proud petals, and kaleidoscope-like patterns await in this vibrant wallpaper parade. This is for the passionate individual who takes on life with love and lust and who isn’t afraid to show it.

Flora Maxima contains eight wall murals that both attract and express joy. To honor and adorn something or someone with the help of flowers is universal. In all times and all cultures, flowers have been a way to show respect and affection.

“The spirit and the colors of the Mexican artist Frida Kahlo was a strong inspiration for the collection. To be the narrator of your own life with an equal amount of humor and seriousness is as exhilarating today as it was in the thirties”– Linda Pålemo, designer at Rebel Walls.

In Flora Maxima you’ll find flowers in various techniques; embroidered, painted and photographed. You will also find paradise birds, lush jungle leaves and a rebellious dot in five juicy colors.

“Who said that art is only limited to paintings and sculptures? Let’s explore ‘the artist’ as being anyone who is daring enough to use their wardrobe and home decor as a canvas.”– Maria Sjöstrand, Photographer and Stylist at Rebel Walls

Trend Collection 2l18: Flora Maxima will be available online from June 5.

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