Moss & Coral Collection

Create new biotopes with nature wallpapers

A biotope is a unique natural environment, with clear borders where certain plants or animal communities live and thrive. The swan, which we meet in one of the wallpaper motifs, serves as a perfect guide to the collection as it can be used for both terrestrial and aquatic life. Flying high above our heads, they pass both through tropical jungles and moss-covered forests. On the other hand, on water, it can bend its slim neck and show us the inaccessible underwater world. Curious fish eyes, vigilant eels, seductively dancing octopuses, angular corals, and shiny algae are all competing for our attention. Moss & Coral contains forest wallpaper and sea wallpaper patterns like you’ve never seen them before.

With Wonder and Genuine Respect for Nature

The moss-green and coral-colored hues typical for Trend Collection 2|20 are inspired by the natural biotopes of terrestrial and aquatic animals. Moss & Coral is our second collection with Tess Callervik, founder of the slow fashion clothing brand, Daynight Casual.

The flora and fauna in Tess’s interpretations are portrayed in a mature, respectful, and equal way. She shows no desire to humanize, tame or make animals cuter than they already are. The wall murals in this collection speak to an adult audience, who still share the kid’s spontaneous wonder of nature.