Panorama Collection

A rebellious and brave collection

Panorama is a collection with a delightful and rather sprawling collections of motifs. The wall murals can quickly burst with energy and boil over with its cheerful colors. It's hard not to be happy when you see all the rainbow's brightest colors on your wall, even though it's a rainy grey Monday. The Panorama collection is all about a wide variety of graphical patterns interspersed with classical images – designed to fit you and your home.

A Happy Range of Unique Motifs

"We didn't want our first collection to be limited to one type of style, as it would have felt a bit monotone and not worthy of showing off – so we created something rather versatile and unique for our premiere. The result was this diverse and extraordinary Panorama collection!" We got the name Panorama from the printer Robert Barker, who wanted to describe his wide-angled view painting of London.

Panorama means “All sight” in Greek, and this is what we want to fulfill with the collection, a panoramic wall mural on your wall that creates the illusion of being surrounded by a sweeping landscape. Our collection Panorama has an endless variety of designs. Classical photo murals with a typical view of Arc de Triomphe, a harmonic pier that looks out over a still lake and a photogenic garden angel to watch over you.

Panorama also has surface designs and patterns as well-worn bricks and tiles, graffiti on timeworn boards and graphic city cartoon designs. In the Panorama collection, you will also find the large city charismatic skyline, flowers in an intense palette of colors and shapes, typographic motifs in a cluster and vintage maps.

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