Nomad Avenue Collection

A stroll through the pastel quarters

It could be the old town of Paris, Milan, Saint Petersburg or Prague. Alternatively – a liberating interpretation and combination of all of them. You are the architect of this city, and the wall murals of Nomad Avenue are your grateful building material. Solid stone buildings painted in soft pastel hues give the contrast that both inspires and amuses you.

Your City Break with Extra Everything

We see before us a trip of your own. A self-chosen exemption, a gap in time, a new town. The hotel room is booked in your name, and the agenda is completely yours. The murmurs from the open-air cafes feel familiar and exotic at the same time. The melody of the language is different, the smell of coffee – as lovely as always. Play with the culture and architecture of modern city life by adding the wall murals of Nomad Avenue to your interior.