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With an unparalleled eye for detail and an innate sense of style, Interior designer Isabel Runsewe transforms spaces into extraordinary havens of beauty and comfort. Isy's Interiors is a New York-based interior design studio specializing in creating innovative and highly tailored interiors on private residential projects. Led by founder and creative director Isabel Runsewe, the studio's overriding aesthetic involves a blend of color and texture, modern and antique, and surprises to create a warm, inviting, and elevated space. We are so excited that Isabel often chooses our wallpaper design for her projects.

Dumbo Project In New York City

INTERIOR DESIGNER: Isabel Runsewe – Isy's Interiors

DESIGN: Dear Little Dandelion, Monkeys Island & Jaipur, Sage

PROJECT: Dumbo, Brooklyn Apartment

LOCATION: New York City

️ Can you share some creative ways you've utilized wallpaper to add visual interest to spaces such as staircases, ceilings, or unexpected areas?

"Wallpaper is an easy way to add visual interest to any space. After wrapping up a big project in an industrial-style apartment with exposed cement features, I loved the look so much I was hooked. When a new project came, I convinced the new client to let us wallpaper their ceiling with a fantastic realistic cement wallpaper from Rebel Walls. Using textured wallpaper instead of traditional paint helps draw the eyes upwards and adds visual interest to an otherwise overlooked space.
Using wallpaper on a portion of a room also helps to emphasize zones and can transform a utilitarian space into something special. You can do this by adding wallpaper to your closets, pantry, and stairs. Wallpaper can be used to frame windows and doors, providing a unique and decorative touch to these architectural elements. It adds a touch of sophistication and elegance." - Isabel Runsewe – Founder and Creative Director of Isy's Interiors

️ Could you share your top tips for choosing wallpaper patterns that enhance the overall aesthetic of a room? 

"First, you consider the room's purpose when choosing wallpaper patterns to enhance an overall aesthetic. Different patterns suit different spaces. For example, bold and vibrant patterns may work well in a living room, while a more subtle design might be better for a bedroom. Think about how the wallpaper will stand the test of time. While trendy patterns can be appealing, classic patterns or those easily updated with decor changes are safer. 

After considering the space's function, you'll want to evaluate the size of the room and reflect on the style you'd like and how it flows with the other rooms in your home. Choose a pattern size that complements the size and scale of the room. Small patterns can make a room feel larger, while large patterns can be cozy and intimate.

When deciding on wallpaper for your space, consider balancing busy patterns with solid colors in furniture and other architectural features. You can also avoid this by using the wallpaper exclusively on an accent wall. 

Remember, when using wallpaper in unexpected areas, make sure the wallpaper complements the overall design of the space and that you choose the wallpaper that is durable and suited to the conditions of the specific room, such as moisture-resistant wallpaper for bathrooms or kitchens. Be bold and experiment with patterns, textures, and colors to make your home truly unique and visually appealing." - Isabel Runsewe.

Isy's Interiors

Talented Isy Runsewe is behind the fantastic Dumbo project in NYC.

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