Meet a Rebel Mic Linder

A colorful Rebel who isn't afraid to eat a family-sized pizza on his own

Meet the artist Mic Linder! A colorful rebel who believes that the goal lies in the process of making art. Mic finds inspiration out in the world then takes pieces of it and makes it his own. In Rebel Walls x Mic Linder wallpaper collection you will find everything from carbon drawings, to dot painting and digital art.

Explore Mic's joy of creating through these wallpaper designs and get ready to claim your space.

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You don’t have to be loud and rebellious to be a rebel

How would you describe yourself as a person to someone who doesn’t know you?
Hi, my name is Mic and I'm passionate about ideas.

Tell me about your passion in life and why it is important to you?
I love art. Art for me has its own direction, it's independent in some way. Which is very interesting.

For me, it's about not identifying too much with an image or an aspect, it's more about being open to something that is constantly changing. I'm just trying to show up regularly and be a part of that process.

Tell us what it means for you to be fully yourself!
I spontaneously think that a human being is the sum of his or her actions. You are never more or less yourself, you can’t hide from that.

When are you most yourself?
I like to learn new things and experiment with new methods and technology. What I find most meaningful is doing things that require my full attention and push me to the limit of what I can do. It's about being in some kind of flow, regardless of whether I'm boxing, climbing, or painting.

Any sacrifices you had to make?
I have sacrificed a lot when it comes to the materialistic security that comes with a more traditional career, but I have a garden and I never get tired of growing weird plants.

Who is a "rebel" in your opinion?
Hmm. A tricky question. Maybe Tyson Fury? He got out of a deep hole with a good dose of will, strength, and discipline, ended several dominant boxers' dynasties, he helps the weak, and says what he thinks. I say, Tyson.

In what way are you a rebel?
I'm not afraid to eat a family-sized pizza on my own.

Tell me about how you claim your space?
I look around and pick parts of the world that I like and put it into my art. There is nothing wrong with being a tourist but I don’t want to be a tourist in my own life. I make the world mine by looking around and taking parts of it into my own.

What places, spaces and situations did you claim in life?
The highway architecture is mine. If you want to share it, that's, of course, OK too. I really love raw concrete, brutalism, and highway crossings.

Tell us about "your" moments in your everyday life where you feel at your best.
Early mornings, the first cup of coffee on the way to the studio. Unbeatable!

Tell me about how you take control of your time and your way of life?
I usually have a lot of things going on at the same time so sometimes it can be difficult to avoid complete confusion. I try to organize myself by writing lists.

What in life do you not compromise on? Why is it important to you?
I never compromise with my art. They must be done properly because it’s a spontaneous process, it can sometimes take a very long time before they are finished. Some pieces I do in one day, others I can work on for several years, like My Favorite Colors, which have followed me for almost a decade. Layer upon layer upon layer upon layer until it felt ready.

Tell me about the wallpaper collab with Rebel Walls.
I'm excited that the collaboration with Rebel Walls has accommodated almost my entire artistic practice! Everything from carbon drawings, to dot paintings, to digital art. I hope the collection has captured some of my joy of creating!

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“Dare to be a rebel whoever you are and claim your space"