Press Release Moss & Coral – Trend Collection


Rebel Walls’ new trend collection Moss & Coral is their second collection with Tess Callervik – illustrator, pattern designer, and founder of the Swedish slow fashion clothing brand, Daynight Casual.

Tess Callervik’s interpretation of the world's flora and fauna is both intriguing and unique. The moss-green and coral-colored hues that recur in these wallpapers are both derived from the natural biotopes of terrestrial and aquatic animals. Tess is inspired by initiating unexpected encounters between the species;

“I have always loved nature and the animal kingdom, and this is where I find almost all of my inspiration. I am often very strongly affected by the nature around me, and in periods, I am a bit like a pattern machine. What I have inside must find a way out! ” – Tess Callervik, Designer.

The animals seen in Moss & Coral are portrayed in a mature, respectful and equal way. Here, there is no desire to humanize, tame, or make the animals cuter, in any way. The nature is perfect, and Callervik’s designs show exactly that. The wallpapers from Trend Collection 2|20 Moss & Coral speak to an adult audience who still share the kid’s spontaneous wonder of nature.

The swan, which we meet in one of the wallpaper motifs, serves as a perfect guide to the collection as it can be used for both terrestrial and aquatic life. Flying high above our heads, they pass both through tropical jungles and moss-covered forests. On the other hand, on water, it can bend its slim neck and show us the inaccessible underwater world. Curious fish eyes, vigilant eels, seductively dancing octopuses, angular corals, and shiny algae are all competing for our attention.

Trend Collection 2|20 Moss & Coral contains 5 wallpaper patterns, and is available online from April 28.

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