How to Wallpaper Around Wall Sockets and Switches

There are various ways to wallpaper around wall sockets and switches, you can either remove the socket, or you can wallpaper around the whole socket. There is no right or wrong; we recommend using the method that feels best for you. Also, please don’t forget to turn off the power no matter the method you choose.

Recommended Tools

  • ​Rollers and tray
  • Bucket
  • Paintbrush (For the areas that the roller misses, e.g. along the ceiling and skirting boards)
  • Spirit level or plumb line (To make sure the wallpaper is straight)
  • Steel ruler (To make a straight, clean cut along the top and bottom)
  • Wallpaper sponge (Soft cloth or sponge, preferably a cellulose sponge)
  • Pencil
  • Craft knife
  • Wallpapering tool or brush

Step by Step Guide

Method 1 - Removing Socket

Switch off the power and remove the socket/switch covers. If you are uncertain of how to do this, you will find a more detailed description here. Place the wallpaper strip over the socket/switch and with the scissors carefully mark an x where your socket/switch is and carefully cut away each of the four flaps, making sure the area you cut is smaller than your socket plate. Smooth the mural into place using the smoothing tool and place your socket cover back into place.

Method 2 - Wallpapering Around Sockets

Switch the power off and undo the screws just enough for the cover to be pulled away a bit from the wall. Hang the wallpaper over the top of the socket/switch and identify its location. With the scissors carefully make a small hole in the middle of where the switch is, with the scissors make an x and cut diagonally out towards each corner. Now you can press the wallpaper against the edges and cut it around the socket. Try to press the wallpaper edges behind the socket with your wallpaper tool and then re-tighten the screws.