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Interior designer Colleen Simonds Design has decorated this fantastic Women's co-working space called The Salon. We love that she chose Chinoiserie Chic, Saffron – this wallpaper design can boost your mood in no time.

The Salon – a women's co-working space

OBJECT: The Salon

LOCATION: Pittsburgh

DESIGNER: Colleen Simonds Design

PHOTOGRAPHER: Emily Gilbert Photography

WALLPAPER DESIGN: Chinoiserie Chic, Saffron

""I chose this paper because I wanted a feminine feel - the space is a Women's space. But I didn't want to go too sweet or saccharine. I thought this was feminine, cheerful and would bring a lot of optimistic energy to the room when you walk in. You can't help but smile when you see it - and it's a bit of a surprise." - Collen Simonds."

"Here in Pittsburgh, where the space is - we have a lot of grey days, unfortunately! With the large windows and this wallpaper - it always feels sunny :) Bold wallpaper sets a mood and creates a feeling in a room that nothing else can. There's no reason to be afraid of it - it's transformative in the best way. Also, in the age of Instagram, cool and colorful backdrops photograph well - I took that into account here, too. It's like marketing and PR for your space when people post photos. It makes a difference!" - Collen Simonds

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