Press Release Palette – Collection Book #10


Dark colors diminish, bright colors enlarge – all colors make a change. That’s the short version of how colors affect the perception of a room, but the truth is more versatile and individual than that. White feels bright, crispy and fresh for some, but empty and insipid to others. Rebel Walls encourages a personal, curious, and brave approach to colors.

Palette #10 contains 30 different wall murals divided into six chapters: Enter, Eat, Relax, Work, Play and Sleep. All with wall mural color suggestions that enhance the character and function of each room.

”We have experimented with Dip Dye-technique on French Panels, kept all the colors the rainbow can offer in mind and try to transmit that into the collection and added new colors to existing wall mural favorites.” – Linda Pålemo, Designer at Rebel Walls.

Get rid of old prejudices about color, your own and others, and find new unexpected favorites in Palette.

Collection #10: Palette will be available from January 30.

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