Press Release Panorama – Collection Book #1


The Gimmersta wallpaper family is now launching a new brand, Rebel Walls, which, via, thinks outside the box in terms of design and ideology. It is sharp, daring and rebellious in an industry governed by the idea of traditional collections linked to long-running collection books. Rebel Walls offers uniquely designed wallpaper that can be ordered directly from its website in different styles and colour schemes instead of fixed collections.

“We wanted to create something new with Rebel Walls and think outside the box. We have been experiencing an increased need to create wallpapers in short runs for a personal decor and we are now in a position to help with fun, imaginative and unique wallpaper,” explain the owners, Irene and Christofer, third generation of the Gimmersta wallpaper family.

The product, choosen from the assortment or produced from a personal photograph, is tailored to the customer’s requirements, both in terms of dimensions and design. Using a personal contact, Rebel Walls communicates with the customer via the Internet and blogs, and follows the product from the first brushstroke to home delivery with UPS. Occasionally a small personal message is included with the order when it leaves the factory in Sweden.

For each wallpaper ordered, the company will also contribute € 2 to Habitat for Humanity, an international housing project originating in the USA – each room we wallpaper helps those in need get a home of their own.

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