Press Release Passion – Collection Book #6


If you had a corner or an entire room of your own for your big interest – what would you fill it with?

In these super social and constantly available times we see a universal need for temporary seclusion. We see the need in children and adults, in those with a spoken interest, but also in those who are ”just” yearning for a peaceful place to fill up on energy. A room of their own with its own agenda, rhythm and ”alternative order”.

Carefree wallpaper collection that calls on you to dare to demand space

”Passion” is an eager wallpaper collection with undoubtedly brave patterns that demand space and encourage you to do the same. 10 fictional enthusiasts – all with a hobby room of their own for creating, recreation or both – guide you around an entirely carefree cavalcade of patterns.

Why wallpaper?

Because wallpapering is an unbeatable and effective start when a room is to change its function or have its character enhanced. A wallpaper with a distinct pattern image, structure or story has a tendency to also have an inspiring and guiding effect when deciding upon how to otherwise decorate the room, which strengthens the overall concept and frames you and your passion in a better way.

One need – ten expressions

The collection is interpreted by, among others, the philosopher, the musician and the hobby photographer and their dream rooms. Ten dedicated characters and 34 patterns in total await you on our website, where you can enjoy all of the interior photos. The workspace is important when it comes to hobbies – for this reason, we let a simple birch desk symbolize the need for a space of your own – after this, the choice of wallpaper and props differ greatly as we get to know the different enthusiasts.

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