Press Release Reality Escape – Trend Collection


Rebel Walls' new trend collection Reality Escape offers wallpapers and wall murals that turn your room into something that plays your mind a bit of a trick, helping you escape reality for a while – if needed.

The design team was inspired by the current uncertainty and doomsday atmosphere that the raging pandemic has planted among many of us, and the need to take a break and letting your mind start wandering away.

"We found inspiration in sci-fi films and the gaming industry, where it's easy to create your own alternate reality, for a well-needed escape from everyday life. These places offer us a chance to live in a fantasy, not to mention getting the freedom of making our own rules and influence our environment. – Johanna Jansson, Designer at Rebel Walls.

The contrasts in Rebel Walls' trend collection bring a lot of possibilities for your walls. You'll find light, airy, and sheer organic elements from nature, fantasy themes with floating whales and diamonds in the sky, as well as darker sceneries of abandoned cities with an Armageddon feel. So whether you want to set a scene for a gaming room, a luxury niche hotel, a bar, or a kid's room, this collection won't let you down.

“The designs in this collection create striking backdrops that can help you stay more focused, allowing you to maintain your work- or studying flow, or to keep up your creativity”, says Irene Gimmersta, Creative Director at Rebel Walls.

Trend Collection 3|20 Reality Escape contains 12 wallpapers and is available online from the October 22, 2020.

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