Press Release Scandinavia – Collection Book #13


The word nature can describe our natural surroundings, the land, and the sea, or our personal qualities. The connection between humankind and nature is strong. You can take humanity out of nature, but you can’t take nature out of humanity. It’s our origin and its views still have the ability to spontaneous make us feel awe and wonder. This goes for the most pronounced metropolitan. Nature calls on us.

Scandinavia is the gathering name of three Nordic countries. Sweden, where Rebel Walls is situated, Norway and Denmark. Our languages are similar, but nature isn’t. That's the thrill of it.

In this wallpaper collection, the giants of the Norwegian mountains offer to share their home, you get to spend time at the salty seas of the Danish coastline and Sweden has prepared lush greenery for you. The coordinates to these spectacular views have been well and truly covered by passionate and professional nature photographers.

“To let nature photography be the leading art form of this collection felt natural. The alternately barren and lavish landscape of Scandinavia is made immediate justice in great photo art. This is our first entirely photo-based wallpaper collection.” – Linda Pålemo, Designer at Rebel Walls.

Scandinavia covers 30 places. Does any outer landscape match your inner world? Give in for the wonders of nature and adorn your room with a silhouette that speaks to your true nature.

The various textures of nature, the rough bark of a pine tree, the slippery mountain slopes, the soft green moss of an untouched forest – with Rebel Walls’ new matte and smooth finish Rebel Mattic™ will all of these motifs reaches their full potential.

The collection will be available for ordering from August 27, 2019.

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