Press Release Scenery - Collection Book #16


Rebel Walls new launch Scenery is a collection that gathers murals of magical landscapes, materials, and surfaces with extraordinarily rich details. Scenery makes it possible to create a personal atmosphere, bring in new materials or surfaces, or travel in time and space, in your very own home. 

Rebel Walls encourage everyone to claim their space. An encouragement that aids people to express themselves and their style in the home. This includes claiming “the fifth wall”, the ceiling. The Scenery wall murals are therefore suitable both for walls and ceiling. 

Scenery is styled by Marie Olsson Nylander and includes a range from stucco, patina, stone, wood, and bricks. The murals dare to claim their space and create unique and grand settings at the same time as they, in soft muted earthy pastels, are easy to match. 

The collection that includes 49 articles with 29 patterns will launch worldwide on October 21.

Photography: Max Alm

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