Press Release The fifth wall – Transforming the look and feel of a space


"The fifth wall should be a key element for any designer, regardless if you’re an amateur or a pro. And now we’re launching this unique concept”, says Johanna Ek, designer at Rebel Walls.

Ceilings usually have an indistinctive character in the space surrounding us. They often stay anonymous, in everyday life as well as in interior and design. But structure, color, geometric shapes, and symmetric shadow games can support the architectural rhythm of the ceiling whilst creating effects like calmness, order or even chaos in a rebellious kind of way.

Rebel Walls – a wallpaper utopia where no idea, color or style can ever be too experimental – has designed wallpaper for all walls ever since the wallpaper machine started running for the first time six years ago. The time has now come for everyone else to also turn their interior up a notch – literally – and give some well-deserved love to the ceiling.

“The trend of experimenting with color and pattern in the ceiling has finally reached the larger mass, and we couldn’t be more thrilled”, says Maria Sjöstrand, stylist at Rebel Walls.

When utilizing the ceiling the right way it can enhance a space immensely. Either by bringing new dimensions and creating depth with dreamy wallpaper that complements the rest of the walls in the room, or by covering all five walls.

“You can either make a cramped room feel more spacious by raising the ceiling – or you can install a wall mural. Covering all five walls with wallpaper not only creates the illusion of height, but it also makes a bold statement”, Maria explains.

The ceiling assortment will be available on from March 5, 2019.

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