6 unique Blogs about creative living that we love

October 16, 2015

Get inspired!

It is autumn now already and the trees and nature outside look so beautiful in all their different color nuances.
And it’s also the season we sometimes love to spend inside in our warm home, all snuggled up in a cozy blanket with a good read.
For exact those days we’ve collected some unique blogs and also Instagrams that really inspire us. Take a look and enjoy!

The art of conscious living

Geoffrey & Grace is a wonderfully cozy place that invites you to a wholehearted and creative living. It makes one want to slow down and live in the moment, combined with soulful images and words.

Let's have a little fun

Babasouk - a world of confetti, funky colors, floral fabrics, a fresh dose of inspiration! Those two ladies are passionate about what they do and it shows in their fun and colorful blog.

Having style never gets old-fashioned

Anastasia has a timeless yet extraordinary style and creates images and ideas with a great sense for aesthetics. Her creations are mostly inspired by things she collects out in nature or on her travels and she mixes them up in her very own beautiful way.

Faffing around – the professional way

Caroline’s creations look almost like patterns and the way she mixes up tiny things through shapes and colors is pure joy! We as wallpaper fans just can’t get enough of her playful visuals.

It's in the little things

A place to dream, a place where beautiful and calm aesthetics meet the simple joys in life. Jeska appreciates the little but important details that make life even better and so do we.

Playful is the new black

Sabine creates amazingly funny and creative images by combining things she finds along her way. Her images are almost like small visual stories and it’s so fun to scroll along in her playful Instagram feed!