A Match Made in Heaven: Design Collab with Chinoiserie Expert – Diane Hill

November 14, 2019

From hand-painted murals to digitally printed wallpapers

Let us introduce you to Diane Hill – an artist and painter based in the beautiful county of Hertfordshire, United Kingdom. Diane is a renowned chinoiserie expert, customarily creating unique and bespoke murals for private and commercial clients. Releasing an artistic chinoiserie collection has been a dream for us for so long, and has been highly requested by interior designers and customers worldwide. When we started sketching ideas for the collection, we came across the talented artist Diane Hill who was the perfect match for the designs we had already started creating. We contacted Diane and she started to design two wallpaper patterns which were released in several colorways for La Chinoiserie in October 2019.
Diane’s world is filled with swirling butterflies, cherry blossoms, and exotic birds. When glancing at each pattern, you are transported to a Chinese garden in spring. Diane's designs are both inspired by historical books and Asian art.

What is chinoiserie?

Chinoiserie (pronounced “Shen-wah-seh-ree”) comes from the French word chinois, meaning “Chinese”, or “after the Chinese taste” and was created in Europe during the rise of the trade with the Far East in the 17th and 18th century, when European artists got inspired by the mythical and glamorous Asian influences. The style became very popular – and still is. And it’s easy to understand why!

Painting dreams of the Far East

Diane has been trained by master painters across China and specialized in hand-drawn chinoiserie wallcoverings and bespoke murals. Starting her own business in 2016, Diane has since painted the walls of various luxurious restaurants, as well as homes. Her works have been featured in magazines like Vogue, and the BBC.

Behind the scenes – The making of Chinoiserie Chic

The final designs

Chinioserie Chic Chinoiserie Chic

Lush Foliage Lush Foliage 

"I am so so happy with the outcome of these designs. I steered a little away from my usual style, which is always nerve-wracking, but the effect is so soft, peaceful and has a really organic and natural feeling about it, which I felt would be a popular choice given the times we are in socially and environmentally. I wanted to incorporate large variegated leaves and was looking at pink princess plants for inspiration – I mean, we all know how mad everyone is on plants right now! I also hand-painted a soft subtle background texture to give a feeling of depth, this was during the summer holidays, and I got the kids to help me dab on the paint! They loved it!" writes Diane on Instagram.

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