Behind the Scenes – How our Wallpaper Meadow was Born

December 09, 2015

Floral cut-outs for a bold and beautiful wallpaper

When we found these beautiful old botanical illustrations in a Swedish vintage shop, we knew right away that we wanted to make a wallpaper out of it. But we also knew that it shouldn't become a common floral one – we imagined it to be a bold and mixed up botanical design.


So we also printed out some bright and colorful photographs from our floral assortment to get a cool mix between traditional floral pieces and modern ones.


And guess what we did then? It was time for scissors!
We took some good paper scissors and actually cut out plenty of flowers from the different images. (Side note: Don't worry, we didn't destroy the beautiful botanical illustrations. We scanned them in first and printed them out before we came with the scissors!)


After that, it was time to rearrange all the cut-outs. We also added some real greens that we had found outside in nature.

IMG_7713 copy2

This is how the base of our Meadow design was created. To then make a whole wall mural out of it, our design studio used this base and the different cut-outs and made it repeatable. A quite big job, and after some time of adding and arranging, this came out in the end: Meadow, Color!


A bold, beautiful and kind of crazy wallpaper, don't you think? But we also made a more pale version, taking out a bit of color and saturation. And finished was our generic Meadow design.
One popular design of ours – well deserved as we think.


...And what do you do with your leftovers when they look as beautiful as these? Well, in our case we framed them!


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